Nurse-led Model of Care

St Kentigern Hospice are proud of their Nurse-led model of care initiative which is attracting worldwide interest and being recommended as a model which is being rolled out across the country.
Dinah Hickish, our  Consultant Nurse leads the model which can admit patients, clinically assess them, initiate a program of care and prescribe the treatments. She said “There are a lot of hospices that are employing Advanced Nurse Practitioners now. That is happening more and more, but we’re pretty unique at the moment because we are nurse led. There’s been a lot of interest in the nurse-led model. We’ve even had a hospice from New Zealand get in touch to ask about it.”

Dr Heather Richardson, National Clinical Lead for Hospice UK believes this ground breaking model could be rolled out across Britain. She said “I see real opportunities for nurse led respite care and palliative rehabilitations, particularly when such an approach is part of a multi-disciplinary approach to assessment of needs, plans for, and delivery of care. Nurses can offer valuable leadership, particularly in the support of people whose main requirements are those of care, rather than diagnosis.

We aim to develop our nurse led model further through increasing the Advanced Practitioner team. We will be supporting staff through their Masters level advanced practice training to become Nurse practitioners, Clinical nurse specialists and non-medical prescribers to ensure our patients have the highest level of care.