In Patient Unit

St Kentigern Hospice Inpatient Unit is a nurse led facility supported by 2 palliative care consultant and a general practitioner. The unit is led by Nurse Consultant, Dinah Hickish, together with two Advanced Nurse Practitioners. There 14 very experienced staff nurses who all have qualifications in palliative care and 9 extremely capable health care support workers who all have higher NVQ training.

We offer holistic care where patients individuality is embraced, their physical and psychological symptoms are expertly controlled giving quality to whatever remains of their lives. This is all delivered by a loving and life affirming team whose care extends to the families of the loved one.
There is a palliative care physiotherapist and also there is access to a complimentary therapist from the day unit. Our social worker is available for inpatients as is our family support worker. The unit is supported by a group of chaplains and we aim to be able to provide spiritual care as required. There are eight single bedrooms, 6 of which have en suite facilities.

Meals are prepared on site according to individual preference.

Patients with life limiting illnesses are referred to the inpatient unit by a health care professional. This can be a GP, District Nurse, any member of the community palliative care team and any other medical practitioner.

The inpatient unit offers symptom control, continuing care, rehabilitation, respite care and end of life care. Symptom control may be of a physical nature such as alleviating nausea and pain, however we also offer high quality psychological care. Patients may be referred for continuing care from the acute hospital in order that our expertise is used to enable patients to return home. Our respite bed runs from Monday to Monday on an eight weekly rotation, again patients have to be referred by a health care professional.

Inpatient visiting times

There is no limitation to when people can visit loved ones at St Kentigern.There are times when we are heavily engaged with the individual patient needs which may impede visiting and these tend to be first thing in the morning and meal times.  Meal times are normally about 8am, 12.30pm and 5pm but these are not fixed as we will provide meals as when the patient wishes them. That is part of the uniqueness of hospice care.

Overnight we do try to restrict visits after 10pm, however this strongly depends on the individual needs of the patient.

If you have any concerns of when you wish to visit please contact the ward staff on 01745 585221